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GCH 40 West Farm Mary Jane 2*M EX90


DOB: 1/6/2015

Dam: GCH Gotta B Kid N Obeah 1*M EX91

DD: SGCH Gotta B Kid N Lucifer's Stone VG86

DS: Algedi Farm MH Sea the Stars *B

Sire: Castle Rock Pineapple Express +*B (Littermate brother to SGCH Castle Rock Polar Vortex EX91!)

SD: GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M EX90 (Dam to '15 ADGA Nat Champ CH Castle Rock Flash Flood EX90!)

SS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B (2019 Nat Premier Sire, Sire to 2019 National GCH and Best Udder, CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset EX90)

Someone PINCH me!!!!! I have LOVED this doe since the first time I laid eyes on her. I mean, who wouldn't? She epitomizes a stunningly correct dairy animal that has stood the test of time! Everything I am breeding for and more. MJ comes to me at 8 years of age on a long-term open-ended lease from Emily at Bridge Acres. When I say my jaw hit the floor when she offered her to me, that would be a massive understatement. Just look at this doe; from hoof to poll and from nose to tail she oozes correct dairy conformation. She boasts and incredibly long bone pattern throughout, particularly noticeable in her back, rump, and wide set, flat ribs that are long and well angled towards her flank. At 8 years old her feet and legs are as strong and correct as ever, as is that beautiful front end assembly with incredible extension to her brisket. I could go into detail about her simply ageless mammary system, but I think it speaks for itself. It goes without saying that does will not be available from MJ (unless for Emily of course), and I sure hope she isn't stingy with them in the coming years!

GCH Gypsy Moon Maiko 1*M


DOB: 1/25/2019

Dam: Gypsy Moon WP Celebration

DD: SGCH Luv Lil Mtn Delightful Robin EX90

DS: GCH Gypsy Moon SB War Paint ++*B EX90

Sire: CH J-Nels LY Siu Mai

SD: SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M EX90 (4xBIS, 2011 ADGA Reserve National Champion)

SS: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander +*B EX90

"Mako" was one of my most exciting additions during the start of my herd. Although she comes from genetics I myself have not worked with before, those genetics have been proven time and time again, and continue to do so. Mako has one of the nicest Nigerian rumps I have ever put my hands on, in terms of width, length, and height of thurls. It very much reminds me of a "big goat" rump, which goes quite nicely with the rest of her overall very correct general appearance and dairy strength. She is incredibly flat-boned and dairy throughout, with substantial spacing between her ribs and showing lots of depth and angularity from head to tail. Her mammary is well attached, has lovely capacity, and is beautifully balanced when viewed from the side. She has very supple udder texture that milks out quickly and leaves nothing but a wrinkly raisin behind. I love this doe and everything she has to offer, including an extra sweet demeanor. <3

At her 2nd show since joining my herd, Maiko handily finished her championship at one of the most competitive shows in Florida! Judges commended her on her style, grace, upstandingness, dairyness, and of course the beautiful mammary system. I love this doe and can't wait to see how her 2023 retained daughter matures!

GCH Winning Streak CM Snowflake 2*M EX90 AGS 90.5

(3xGCH 3xBOB) - GCH & *M pending

DOB: 1/1/2020

Dam: GCH Winning Streak EB Snow Bunny 1*M VEEE90

DD: Farm Oldesouth Blu Snow Angel
DS: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B

Sire: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88
SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm CountnBlessns 2*M VEEV89
SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable ++B

Words can not express my gratitude and humbleness to have been selected by Teena to bring home sweet Snowflake. All of the hard work was done for me already by Teena Bagwell at Gypsy Moon Nigerians, as Snowflake came to me already a finished champion (finished as a 2yo 2nd freshener!) as well as with a coveted LA score of EX90 AND AGS Classification of 90.5!!! I remember delivering Snowflake along with her sister at Winning Streak all those years ago, a breeding I was SO excited for! I opted to keep the sister since she was a buckskin, and to be honest solid white is not my favorite on a Nigerian...but as the years passed I realized that Snowflake turned out even better than her littermate! So I could not be more ecstatic to have been able to bring her home during the Gypsy Moon dispersal and owe a million thanks to Teena for sending one of her favorite girls home with me.

Snowflake is an even better version of her dam and littermate sister in my opinion. They all share many of the same fantastic qualities: beautiful general appearance, length and depth of body, width throughout, lovely feet and legs, and of course beautiful mammary systems. Snowflake introduces more dairyness when compared to her dam, with less tendency to carry excess fleshing and shoulders that are held more snuggly against the body wall, and she exhibits a more correct mammary system than her sister, with less tendency for the mammary to tilt forward and therefore teats that point more directly down with a longer and smoother foreudder attachment. What a trio of does they are (all GCH LA90+), and I am beyond thrilled to be the new owner of my favorite one of the 3! Eeeeek!! 

GCH 3G Family Farm Farmersdaughter 5*M (VVVV87 @2yo)

(3xGCH 3xBOB 1xRsGCH) - GCH & *M pending

DOB: 2/25/2019

Dam: GCH 3G Family Farm WM Apricot 4*M EX91

DD: GCH 3G Family Farm HM Peaches 3*M VG89

DS: TX Twincreeks RM Watermark +*B (2021 ADGA National Show Premier Sire)

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm BearNecessity +*B (Sire to 1st/1st Udder 4yo 2022 ADGA Nat Show)

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose 1*M EX90 (2018 ADGA National Champion and Best Udder)

SS: Wood Bridge Farm Bear Claw +*B

There is a lot to love about Dottie besides her pedigree, which boast some of the most prominent animals in the Nigerian breed. She herself is super long, level, and wide across her top. Lots of depth, width, and spring to her rear barrel, and she stands atop a super lovely set of feet and legs, with just about ideal angulation. She is open throughout and a really dairy individual, without an ounce of excess fleshing anywhere. Dottie freshened with me for the first time with a beautiful mammary, really surprising me with lots of capacity, a beautiful medial, and significantly increased height and width when compared to the FF photos I saw of her. She is really hitting her prime and has matured into a stunningly sharp, angular, and powerful yet dairy doe. She picked up her first milking leg at her first show out with me at one WEEK fresh! I mostly brought her along for the ride, not expecting her to be competitive yet but she really showed me! I'm super thrilled with her 2023 retained doe kid, Birdie, who you can see on the Junior Doe page!

Dottie easily finished her championship at her 3rd show out with me! She earned her 3rd leg at one of our most competitive shows in Florida, beating out 47 other Nigerian does! This doe's will to milk astounds me and she hasn't miss a beat even being uddered up multiple weekends in a row! She milked 5.2lbs on her first test with me mid-show season in 2023!

GCH Winning Streak FF Maybelline 6*M

(2xGCH 2xBOB 2xBIS) - CH pending

DOB: 8/20/2017

Dam: GCH Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEEE91 

DD: Fuji Farm FFS Macy 4*M 

DS: GCH Alethia CTO Eye of the Tiger *B

Sire: Pixie Hollow NF Fix-it-Felix *B

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pippin Alice 1*M 

SS: Alethia DJ Night Fever *B

Where to begin with this doe? I get a touch emotional even thinking about having this doe in my herd. She was one of the first goats I delivered entirely on my own. Her dam is my one and only heart goat, whom I fell in love with as a junior doe and our bond only grew over the years of me managing the Winning Streak herd. GCH Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEEE91 was my baby well before the championship, before the milk records, before the appraisal score, and certainly before her found fame amongst the Nigerian Dwarf world. I don't think I will ever fully get over having to leave her behind when I resigned.

    Maybe is the ONLY Mazy daughter to ever leave Winning Streak, she was Mazy's first ever daughter way back during our first full year of real breeding, and we had no idea what we were doing. We quickly realized Mazy daughters should NOT leave and tried for years to get her back. So when I started my own herd I knew just who to reach out to, and to my absolute shock and delight, Diane at Fiesta Texas Dairy goats was finally ready to offer Maybe back to me! Of course I did not hesitate and just had to wait for her to kid in March 2023 to then be able to go get her. 

Maybe exudes stunning general appearance. She is giraffe-necked, with a back that is a mile long and as flat as a board. She stands atop of an ageless set of feet and legs, with pasterns just as upright as they were when she was a kid, deep heels, and tight toes. Her skin is supple and soft, and her ribs are wide and flat. Her mammary system has stood the test of time and freshenings and maintains incredible height and super snug attachments. She has a strong medial and her udder is extremely balanced both from the side and rear and milks out like a dream.


Maybe finished her championship at 6 years old, 8.5 months fresh, with her second BEST DOE IN SHOW WIN!! I seriously could not be more thrilled to have this doe here with me. She means the world to me and I cherish her every day. Now to get some daughters!!

Top Shelf SMR She's the Best 1*M

DOB: 2/10/2019 - *M pending

Dam: 40 West Farm Orenda

DD: GCH Gotta B Kid N Obeah *M EX91

DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind +*B EX91

Sire: Castle Rock Pineapple Express +*B (Littermate brother to SGCH Castle Rock Polar Vortex EX91!)

SD: GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M EX90 (Dam to '15 ADGA Nat Champ CH Castle Rock Flash Flood EX90!)

SS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B (2019 Nat Premier Sire, Sire to 2019 National GCH and Best Udder, CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset EX90)

"Bestie" is a doe I have DREAMED about for so many years! A Pineapple Express daughter?! In MY HERD?!?! I still can't believe it! At our final show of the season, while walking to our pens, a lone Nigerian doe in a pen made me stop in my tracks. She was long, in both body and rump, DEEP bodied beyond belief, with a mammary system that made my heart pitter-patter. It was in that moment that I resigned to the fact that this doe would surely sweep the senior show (SOMEHOW she didn't?!). If you haven't guessed already, yes, this doe I am describing is Bestie. An absolutely stunning animal with the typical unfaultable Pineapple Express mammary system. So as the show was ending, I jokingly told her owner/breeder that he could send her to me whenever he was done with her, JOKINGLY because this is a caliber of doe you don't sell. This is a doe you build a herd off of. But he said he would. Right then and there. I thought he was joking. He was not. He wanted to focus on his Alpines and knew I would offer a forever home and prove her out to the best of my abilities. Boom, dream come true!! And that is the story of how one of the nicest does in my herd came to be, and I am ETERNALLY grateful to her breeder Warren Parker for letting come to us. 

I actually have Bestie's 2023 buckling "BEST MAN" here to breed several does before being offered for sale in the spring. I plan to retain a Bestie son myself in 2024 from a VERY exciting cross I have planned!

Gotta B Kid N SweetGeorgaBrown

DOB: 2/9/2019 

Dam: Gotta B Kid N Ossetra VG89

DD: Gotta B Kid N Black Caviar

DS: Antiquity CRF BH Zingziber

Sire: Castle Rock Pineapple Express +*B (Littermate brother to SGCH Castle Rock Polar Vortex EX91!)

SD: GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M EX90 (Dam to '15 ADGA Nat Champ CH Castle Rock Flash Flood EX90!)

SS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B (2019 Nat Premier Sire, Sire to 2019 National GCH and Best Udder, CH Castle Rock Tahitian Sunset EX90)

ANOTHER Pineapple Express daughter?! In MY HERD?!?! I still can't believe it! After adding Bestie to the herd I was sure she would be the only Pineapple daughter to call Drewem Nigerians home. But a few short weeks later, one of my favorite FL goat friends reached out about having to reduce her herd. I had already had a special interest in Georgia, since she was one of the youngest remaining Pineapple daughters out there and I had actually brought a daughter of hers in earlier in 2023, Bridge Acres ARC Georgia Peach! Georgia is a petite and smaller framed doe, but she freshened with the typical stunning Pineapple Express mammary system! Absolutely glued on to her body with attachments just everywhere you could imagine, a beautiful medial, perfect teat placement, and a high, wide, well rounded rear udder arch. I am beyond excited to see this doe as a second freshener!

Gypsy Moon FF Three Days Grace 8*M 2023-AGS 91.3

DOB: 2/29/2020 - *M pending

Dam: Gypsy Moon Hott Miata 7*M (2xGCH 2xBOB)

DD: GCH Gypsy Moon SM Firebird 6*M EX91

DS: CH Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott EEE91

Sire: Pixie Hollow NF Fix-it-Felix *B

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pippin Alice 1*M 

SS: Alethia DJ Night Fever *B

Grace is another doe that comes to me from the Gypsy Moon herd dispersal, and WOW, what an incredible addition to the herd! She is a paternal sister to Maybelline and I can really see the traits that their sire has stamped on them both! Grace is super long and level, with a strong topline from withers to rump. She is capacious in both body and mammary and oh my, what a mammary that is! I really appreciate the width she maintains in that mammary from top to bottom, as well as the lovely height, beautiful attachments, and correctness of medial and teat structure! As a 3yo 3rd freshener Grace was AGS Classified at 91.3!!! I seriously can't wait to get this girl into the ring! Her dam also joined with her and is listed below!

Gypsy Moon Hott Miata 7*M

(2xGCH 2xBOB) - *M pending

DOB: 4/13/2018

Dam: GCH Gypsy Moon SM Firebird 6*M EX91

DD: Gypsy Moon CM Akoya 5*M

DS: CH J-Nel's LY Siu Mai (2013 ADGA Spotlight Sale Buck)

Sire: CH Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott EEE91

SD: CH Kaapio Acres AD Hot Tamale VG89

SS: GCH Brush Creek Smokin Gun

Miata is a funny character. She really wanted to be feral when she came to us, but she soon decided that head scratches were just too irresistible. So now she is all over us all the time demanding those head rubs! Only on her terms of course. Besides the quirky personality, Miata is a super dairy individual with a beautiful mammary system. Her udder is high, wide, well attached, and boasts one of the strongest medial suspensory ligaments in my herd. She is also one of the easiest to milk, with wide open orifaces and buttery soft texture. She came to use with an old hip injury that did not heal correctly, confirmed by an animal chiropractic professional. Her entire pelvis is stuck in a diagonal "tilt" and it causes her to hock in severely on the affected hip. But, she is as sound as everyone else and it does not affect her in the ring, at all, since she was able to easily pick up her 2nd leg at her first show out with us in 2023! Her daughter Grace classified at 91.3 this year and is a beautiful example of Miata producing even better than herself!

Winning Streak CM Rosabella 4*M

DOB: 12/15/2020 - *M pending

Dam: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Hnysucklerose 3*M
DD: Wood Bridge Farm Unclouded Day 2*M
DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Iceberg Legacy +*B

Sire: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88
SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm CountnBlessns 2*M VEEV89
SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable ++B

Rosa is another doe I bred during my time at WS and so of course I couldn't turn down the chance to bring home another daughter of one of my fave guys of all time, Count on Me. This doe is a fun blend of some of the most successful animals I worked with over there and I'm super excited to see how she will shine here!

Rosa's general appearance is hard to fault. She stands atop an ultra correct set of feet and legs, with short upright pasterns, front legs that are straight both from the front and side, and rear legs that maintain proper angulation both while moving and at rest. A strong, level topline and withers that are slightly taller than her hips. She truly reminds me of an Alpine shrunk down into miniature, both balanced and proportionate with a beautiful, well attached mammary system that shows a strong medical, clear division of the halves, appropriate capacity, and lovely texture. 

Winning Streak CM Dazzlin Diva

DOB: 4/4/2019

Dam: GCH Phoenix Farm Deviant Berg (1xBIS) 6*M EX91
DD: SGCH Phoenix Farm Deviant Bird 5*M EEEV89
DS: Castle Rock Iceberg *B

Sire: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88
SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Countnblessns 1*M VEEV89
SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable ++B

It's no secret that one of my favorite does I produce while at Winning Streak was GCH Winning Streak CM Darlin Diva 7*M EX91. She embodies everything I am looking for in a dairy animal, and was the 3rd/3rd udder 3yo at the 2021 ADGA National Show. So imagine my excitement to be able to bring home her FULL younger sister, Dazzle. Dazzle has come to me as a 3yo who has never been milked or shown, but I'm not too worried about that. She reminds me of her sister and that has me REALLY excited! She is wedgy, deep bodied and wide throughout, with a very flat rump from thurl to thurl. Her mammary, although I don't have any shareable udder photos yet, is glued onto her body with ample lateral attachment and a really lovely shape and height to her rear udder arch.

Dazzle had an unfortunate delivery that resulted in a DOA kid and no udder development so her 2023 year is done before it even started. :( Hoping for better luck next year! 

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