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The goats below have had an irreplaceable impact on our herd, and our hearts. Whether lost far too soon, sold to better another herd, or passing peacefully of old age, we owe the success of our herd to these animals and are eternally grateful to them.

Drewem MG Klassic Karma

DOB: 3/27/23

I made the heartbreaking decision to sell Karma in April 2024. She was purchased by Megan Corvin in New Mexico.

Merrytale SS Myra Belle

(1xGCH 2xRsGCH)

DOB: 4/8/2022

Belle was sold to Rhonda Lee in April 2024. Check out her beautiful daughter Sprout, currently on the Jr doe page!

Gypsy Moon MP Mardi Gras

DOB: 3/1/2022

Mardi was sold in 2024 to Hevin Adcock in South Dakota. Congratulations!

Winning Streak CM Rosabella 4*M

DOB: 12/15/2020 - *M pending

Rosa was sold to Magnolia Meadows in 2024. Congratulations Brittany!

Merrytale SS Kimberlina

DOB: 2/6/2022

Kimberlina was sold back to her breeder in July 2023. 

Winning Streak CM Dazzlin Diva 7*M

DOB: 4/4/2019

Dazzle was sold to Price's Pastures in early 2024. Her genetics run strong through the herd with numerous grandaughters and soon to be great-grandaughters.

Gypsy Moon MP Phat Tuesday


DOB: 3/1/2022

Tuesday freshened with a promising mammary, but I gave up the constant "catch me if you can" game and moved her along in 2024.

Gypsy Moon SW Hells Belles 1*M


DOB: 6/16/2021

HB was sold to Prices Pastures in 2024. She has 2 daughters remaining here, Rosie and Meenie. 

Drewem MG Porsche

DOB: 1/17/2024


I was super excited to retain "Porsche", but unfortunately she ended up being a freemartin. I'm glad I kept her littermate sister Tesla!

Drewem BM Second to None *B

DOB: 3/25/24


As much as I had planned to keep Uno and use him heavily, I had a reservation filled for a buck kid I was waiting for a long time to be born and decided it best to sell Uno to a home who would be able to use him more. I just couldn't justify having four 2024 keeper baby bucks around and certainly couldn't find the amount of use for each one that they all deserved.

Gypsy Moon U Rogue

Drewem MG Nori

Gypsy Moon Hott Miata 7*M

(2xGCH 2xBOB 3xRsGCH) - *M pending

DOB: 4/13/2018

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