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 Welcome to Drewem Nigerians! My name is Emily DiMichele, and I have been raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats since 2015. The first 7 years of my dairy goat endeavors were spent being the long-term herd manager for Winning Streak Nigerians, a herd of nationally competitive Nigerians whom excelled in the show ring, milk pail, and in performance programs such as linear appraisal. I lived on-site, and did all daily care for the goats. I also managed all of the breeding, kidding, maintenance, marketing, sales, social media presence, customer service, and I even did most of the showing, right up until my resignation in April 2022.

     Leaving the herd that I grew to love more than life itself was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my 20 years of life. Those goats were my best friends through some of the hardest points in my adolescent years and taught me more than I could ever put into words. But it was time for me to follow my dream of having my own herd, and after a 4-month goat hiatus, I purchased my first three Nigerian does to be put in my name from a lovely friend in TX who had some of the Winning Streak genetics I was looking to work with.

      My herd is heavily based on Winning Streak genetics. I knew getting back into goats that I wanted to build my herd off of the genetics I spent so many years working with, getting to know, and building to the style of my ideal dairy goat. My goal now is the same as it has always been; to create elite dairy animals that succeed in the show ring and milk pail.

None of this would be possible without my incredible boyfriend, Andrew. He is a city-boy turned goat-farmer, and he has been nothing but supportive of the herd and my goals. I am breaking him into the goat-life (which is completely foreign to him) and I’m sure I’ll have him delivering babies, handling rutty bucks, and maybe even in some show whites in no time ;)

Thanks for reading and welcome to the family,

Emily & Andrew

Drewem Nigerians

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