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Lily Hill WH Fleur-De-Lis 3*M


DOB: 2/19/2022

Dam: GCH Winning Streak EB Lilly 2*M (4xGCH 3xBOB 2xBIS)

DD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pippin Alice 1*M

DS: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B

Sire: Hidden Hills Water Hawthorne *B

SD: GCH Hidden Hills HB River Blossom 8*M EEEE91 

SS: Hidden Hills Chase the Legend *B

Being as extremely critical as I am can make it hard to find additions to build our herd, but this doe required NO second thought! She exudes dairy strength throughout, with a long lean neck, long and flat bone pattern, the softest dairy skin with no excess fleshing to be found. She couples all this with a beautiful set of feet and legs and lovely depth of body for her size and age. Fleur freshened for the first time with what I would consider my ideal FF mammary system. Wide, high, attached, beautiful teat size and placement, lovely rounded arch, balanced from both the side and rear, perfectly milkable texture, and a wide, full, and smoothly blended foreudder. Should I go on? Haha. But I think I get the point across that this is one of the nicest FF mammary's I've encountered. Fleur has been an amazing mom to her two DOE kids that I of course retained. She wins the #1 FF award!

Gypsy Moon SW Hells Belles 1*M


DOB: 6/16/2021

Dam: Lil Mtn FL American Dream 2xGCH AGS Classification EX90.8 2022 

DD: SG Luv Lil Mtn RB Miss America 1*M EEEE91 1xBIS

DS: CH Terra Bella ST The Flash *B

Sire: CH Gypsy Moon WP Starwars

SD: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Busy as a Bee 1*M EEEE91

SS: GCH Gypsy Moon SB War Paint *B EX90

HB is a freakishly long bodied and level doe, especially on the move. She has lots of power, depth of body and spring/flare to her rear rib and she carries that depth all the way back into her rear flank. He general appearance is just really lovely, and honestly I find it difficult to fault. HB earned her dry leg with her breeder and freshened for the first time with me. Her mammary is beautifully balanced from the side, extremely well attached, and maintains lovely height and width. 

Winning Streak EL Petunia 7*M

(2xGCH 1xBOB 3xRsGCH)

DOB: 7/6/2021

Dam: Winning Streak CM Marigold 6*M (1xBIS) (Full sister to GCH Winning Streak CM Pumpkin Pie 6*M 1xBIS)

DD: GCH Winning Streak LJ Madeline 6*M EX90 1xBIS

DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B

Sire: Winning Streak EB Exoticlegacy *B

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Hnysucklerose 3*M VG89 

SS: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B

Ah Petunia! I loved this doe from the minute she was born during my time at WS. She was one I didn't foresee leaving, but when you are managing someone else's herd, you don't get final say. So Tuna went and lived with Adriana of Flint Hill farm for a year or so. Adriana did a beautiful job managing Petunia while she had her and through her first pregnancy and freshening. She freshened with a beautiful udder, very similar in style to her granddam Rose. Of course her production took a hit when she changed herds to come home with me, but I can still see the beautiful structure and I am SO excited to get another freshening on this girl! She is beautifully mature for her age, showing lots of depth of both chest and barrel, lots of substance of bone, and a beautiful front end assembly. I'm so thrilled to have this young doe in the herd and can't thank Adriana enough for thinking of me first when she decided to part with her!

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