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Merrytale SS Magic Mirror VVVE 88 @ 2yoFF

(1xGCH 1xBIS)

DOB: 3/4/2022

Dam: CH Winning Streak CM Reflection (3xGCH 3xBOB @ 2yo!)
DD: GCH Winning Streak EB Perfection 6*M 1xBIS EX91
DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B 1xBIS VG88

Sire: Winning Streak EB Simon Says *B
SD: GCH Winning Streak CM Hop Scotch 1*M 2xBIS EX91
SS: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B

How could I not add this little doe to my herd? She combines some of the absolute best animals I produced while at Winning Streak, including my all-time heart goat, GCH Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEEE91.  Magic is a stunning doe who shows lovely dairy character throughout with her long, flat bone pattern, elegant lean neck, and beautiful spacing between her ribs. She has the softest dairy skin and a beautiful expressive face. She has large hooves to fill, but I think she will do just fine.  Her dam was an incredibly exciting yearling FF, and came back even better as a 2nd freshener, finishing her championship at just 2YO!! The addition of an exciting linebreeding on Exotic Bird AND Count on Me can only mean that there are exciting things to come!! At Magic's first ever show she rather handily earned her junior leg under Joseph Pilotte who commended her on her style, grace and levelness as she moved about the ring, correctness of her feet and legs, and dairyness and angularity throughout. Judge Pilotte then selected her BEST JR DOE IN SHOW! What a fantastic start to this young doe's career! Her future is so so so bright!


Magic freshened with triplets as a yearling and with an absolutely lovely mammary system that is only getting better as her lactation progresses. It's well attahced, high, capacious, and has developed a really lovely medial! She is a pleasure to milk, with nicely sized teats that have open orifaces and buttery soft texture. I am so thrilled with this doe and can't wait to watch her grow into a mature senior doe!

Bridge Acres ARC Ruby

DOB: 12/10/22

Dam: GCH Bonnet Farm S Amethyst EX90 3xGCH 4xBOB 2xBIS 1xBUIS

DD: Bonnet Farm GR Jewel

DS: Bridge Acres Sebastian

Sire: Moon Station Arcturus

SD: CH Little Tots Estate Saturn EX91 (20ish BDIS WINS!)

SS: Agape's Prize Reverend CQuinn *B

I have drooled over Ruby's dam every year that Emily at Bridge Acres has had her out showing. Just look at that mammary system. It doesn't get much closer to my idea of a "perfect" udder. She couples that with lots of power, body capacity, length and flatness throughout. She is a phenomenal example of the breed and I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to bring home a daughter! Ruby is a large framed, growth kid who is already showing substantial length of bone throughout, depth and spring of rib, and width not only in the chest but all the way back to her well angulated hocks. If she freshens with a mammary half as nice as her dam's, I'll be one happy camper!

Well, it's safe to say I am in fact a HAPPY CAMPER! Look at that FF udder! EEEEEEK! I have my own mini Amethyst and I seriously could not be more excited! Ruby is everythinggggggg I wanted and MORE!

Sunny Daze R Casa Blanca VVVV86 @1yo

DOB: 2/17/2023

Dam: Sunny Daze Moonflower 5*M

DD: Sunny Daze Lotus Blossom 4*M

DS: Sunny Daze CE Big Bang *B

Sire: A Little Funny Farm Rumchata *B

SD: A Little Funny Farm HS Mai Tai 6*M EX90 (1xGCH)

SS: GCH Phoenix Farm DE Pop Rock's +*B (Elite 96th, 94th and 92nd percentile)

I’ve been impressed by Carissa’s breeding program for a fairly long time! So it felt only fitting to snag up a FF doe kid since I already had special cargo coming from that direction. Can’t thank her enough for letting this gal call FL home! Her dam, Moonflower, is an extremely promising young doe who has a phenomenal FF mammary and is putting it in the pail already, milking 4.3lbs on her first test as a newly fresh yearling! And anyone who knows me knows my love of Pheonix Farm and experience working with those genetics, so her sire's side is just the cherry on top! And a little Better Wayz mixed in too?? Yes please!! I couldn’t be more excited to watch this little one grow up!!

Drewem MG Nori

(1xGCH 1xBIS)

DOB: 2/28/2023

Dam: GCH Gypsy Moon Maiko 1*M (3xGCH 3xBOB)

DD: Gypsy Moon WP Celebration

DS: CH J-Nels LY Siu Mai *B

Sire: Gypsy Moon MP Mardi Gras *B

SD: Winning Streak CM Dazzlin Diva 7*M (FULL Sister to GCH Winning Streak CM Darlin Diva 7*M EX91)

SS: Winning Streak EB Masterpiece *B (Littermate brother to GCH Winning Streak EB Perfection 6*M EX91)

Nori...the first DREWEM Nigerian! It feels so crazy to say she is my "first" when I have probably bred over 400 animals during my time at Winning Streak, some of the nicest Nigerians in the nation at that. But here she is, my "first", and I couldn't be more thrilled. She combines my tried and true genetics with some of the lovely Gypsy Moon genetics that I am now working with and I think the two will combine rather lovely! Nori is already showing me lots of what I like to see in a young doe: length of body and neck, levelness throughout, proper angularity, and she even inherited her dam's ultra flat rump from thurl to thurl. Woohoo!

At her first show ever, Nori earned her Junior Champion leg, and finished off strong with a BEST IN SHOW win!! This win meant SO much to me, because while I have bred and handled more BIS winners than I can count, this was my FIRST BIS with a "Drewem Nigerian", and not just any...the FIRST DREWEM Nigerian <3 I love my sweet Nori girl and can't wait to see what her future holds!

Gypsy Moon VM Fallen Angel VG87 @ 12mo

DOB: 3/22/2023

Dam: Gypsy Moon FF Three Days Grace EX91.3 8*M

DD: Gypsy Moon Hott Miata 7*M (2xGCH 2xBOB)

DS: Pixie Hollow NF Fix-it-Felix *B

Sire: Gypsy Moon Venetian Moon *B

SD: GCH Winning Streak CM Snowflake 2*M EX90

SS: CH Gypsy Moon WP Starwars

"Angel" came to us with her dam, both granddam's, and an aunt! Needless to say, I'm quite a fan of this genetic package right here! Unfortunately, little Angel is quite sure that people are the worst thing on the planet, and is essentially feral. But regardless, I REALLY like this kid! She is long, level, substantial, suuuuuper wide across her top and between her hocks. Wide and high thurls, lovely correct set of feet and legs. Just a really solid, correctly conformed kid who packs quite a punch in the genetics department. If her udder turns out anything like her dam, or either grand dam, I will be thrilled!!

Bridge Acres ARC Georgia Peach


DOB: 12/16/2022

Dam: Gotta B Kid N SweetGeorgiaBrown

DD: Gotta B Kid N Ossetra VG89

DS: Castle Rock Pineapple Express +*B

Sire: Moon Station Arcturus

SD: CH Little Tots Estate Saturn EX91 (20ish BDIS WINS!)

SS: Agape's Prize Reverend CQuinn *B

"Peachy" came to me a couple months before her dam and a few aunts joined my herd! I was so excited to get a Pineapple Express granddaughter, and truly thought that she would be the closest relative I would get to him. Little did I know I would soon be able to bring in 3 Pineapple daughters, including Peachy's STUNNING dam! Peachy's sire however, bring even more exciting genetics to the table! The well known Saturn, and of course, the legend CountnBlessns. It goes without saying that Peachy has some big hooves to fill and some insane animals to live up to! She is a petite doe, just like her dam, and will probably be freshened for the first time as a 2yo, but boy oh boy am I excited to see the mammary on this one!!

Peachy is due Summer 2024 and I can't wait!

Gypsy Moon U Rogue

(1xGCH 1xRsGCH)

DOB: 4/27/2023

Dam: Gypsy Moon Hott Miata 7*M (2xGCH 2xBOB)

DD: GCH Gypsy Moon SM Firebird 6*M EX91

DS: GCH Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott +*B EEE91

Sire: Gypsy Moon Unrivaled

SD: Gypsy Moon Girl W Pearl Earing

SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Undisputed +*B

"Pierogi" came to us with her dam and maternal sister during the Gypsy Moon dispersal. Her dam easily earned her 2nd championship leg here with us and her sister scored 91.3 this spring with AGS! The consistency in general appearance and quality of mammary systems with this doe line made it an easy decision to retain Pierogi, not to mention she has a COI of 13% on some really lovely does that should contribute to that consistency as well! The addition of some of my favorite Wood Bridge Farm genetics has be super excited for this little girl's future! She is already long, level, and angular in all the right places! She earned her Jr dry leg handily at just 3 months old!

Rogue is bred for Summer 2024 and I'm so excited to see a mammary on this girl!

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